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A lot of people may have gone through a problem with their Air Conditioner that it is blowing out hot air rather than cooling the area it is installed in. It becomes a much bigger problem if it is a hot sunny day and you’re tired and looking to take some rest. This issue may bring nervousness and frustration at the same time and you’ll be wondering if you can repair the air conditioner that is working but not cooling. There may be a number of reasons for this issue.

Reasons for an Air Conditioner to Stop Cooling and Their Solutions

The question that comes to mind when you face an issue regarding your AC is “How to Repair the Air Conditioner that is working but not cooling properly?” Also, we need to know more about home cooling and heating system. But at first, we you need to know about the reasons behind your Air Conditioner’s rude behavior.

  • Unclean Air Filters

Due to a dirty air filter, your split and window Air Conditioner will not be cooling properly and it’ll surely bother you much. It could lead to different problems if the filter of your Air conditioner is not clean or there are clots of dust and dirt in it. They may interact with the thermostat’s proper functioning. In the inner part of the ducts, the dust in the filters of Air Conditioner tends to block the flow of cold and warm air. It may also freeze up the evaporator coil which in turn prevents cool air from the outlet to pass through.


If you haven’t replaced the air filters present in your Air Conditioning unit for more than sixty days, the clogged dirt present in them can impair the airflow. We are experienced in this industry.  Dallas Heating & Air Conditioning is aware that ac repair is really expensive and needs extra care. So, take a brave step and take this air filter out and fix it if you are unable to see the other side of it. The problem lies somewhere else if you are able to see through these filters.


  • Check the Thermostat Setting

If you want to repair your Air Conditioner that is working but not cooling, you must check the functioning of the thermostat of your Air Conditioner. If it is pumping the cool air out and then warm air, it is surely a problem. Apart from cooling, this may lead to the failure of other parts of Air Conditioner as well.


“It may look more simple and obvious but in most cases the cause of an Air Conditioner that is working but not cooling is simply the result of someone changing the setting of thermostat from “Automatic” to “Fan.” If you switch the setting to “Automatic,” the thermostat, that is considered to be the most essential part of the system, turns on the air conditioning when the inside temperature starts rising above the ideal temperature that you have pre-set.

  • Unclean Outer Unit

It is really important for you to understand how an air conditioning unit functions because an unclean external unit tends to hamper your Air Conditioner’s service. The evaporator, which is the inner unit has the responsibility of collecting and transferring the heat from the air around you to the external air conditioning unit. While the external device is a condenser which is responsible for condensing the hot air into cold air. Some condensers do not allow the air conditioning system to cool properly. Debris and dirt can also obstruct the transfer of heat.


It must be a difficult task for you to understand How to Repair an AC that is working but not Cooling.  The solution to this problem lies here. After they remove the humidity from air (through condensation), air conditioners start operating in part, and the humidity needs to disappear. That’s the purpose of a condensation process and the hose that mainly depends on the method you chose in order to direct water towards a floor drain or to the outside of your house. Condensation drains are exposed to blockage through the algae that grows in them. Some Air Conditioning units forget their purpose of cooling under these circumstances, while few others shut down completely.

In order to fix this issue, just place the end of the condensation drain line and start looking for clogs. Don’t forget to clean it with the help of a small sized screwdriver (using its end) or look for a similar narrow object if you find a clog out there. If a clog present in the line is large enough and is causing troubles for you to reach its spot physically, it will usually be extracted by applying suction at the end of the line. In order to produce enough suction between the two points, just use the hose that is present on a wet/dry vacuum and don’t let your hands move around the opening.

Pour a few cups of white vinegar into the condensation unit just below the coils of evaporation unit in the interior blower machine after extracting a mold or algae clog. The vinegar would eliminate the accumulation of residual mold and lower the chance of potential clogs.

  • Defective and Imperfect Motors

The outdoor unit won’t be able to dissipate any amount of heat heat if the motor of the fan is either damaged or defective, thereby disturbing the cooling capacity of the air conditioner.


You may replace the old motor with anew one in order for your Air Conditioner to start working and cooling again properly.

  • Damaged or Dirty Compressor

A compressor is considered to be a critical part of any air conditioner. The reason is that it controls the movement of the refrigerant between the evaporating unit and the condenser. A faulty condenser is therefore not able to cool air in the most efficient way. Furthermore, if any kind of dirt or dust has stacked up next in the compressor, ample air cannot be drawn in.


To fix this issue, just place the compressor, which is usually concealed on the back or side of the house where it will not be pointed out. A small barrier may have been built around it at times to prevent it from diminishing or reducing it from the remaining part of the landscape. Moreover, remove the dirt or anything else that may prove to be unsafe for the device, and for peak working, put nothing on top of it.

If you own an air conditioner and there is a problem you’re facing with it, you are welcomed to hire us. We have a bunch of professionals who are expert when it comes to the Repairing of Air Conditioners in Dallas. We use a number of techniques and tools to tackle with Air Conditioners in Dallas according to your needs and we assure you that our work will be satisfactory and up to the mark.


How to Discern a Duct Malfunction?

The main blower tends to push the cold air into separate rooms and then in an air conditioner using the ducts. If any of the ducts has split somewhere between this blower and a room’s entrance, the cold air may be taken out, until it reaches the room’s entrance. There is a fair risk that the duct which is going to feed the entrance isn’t reliable if cool air is flowing from certain part of the room but not from others.

You must be checking the ductwork as well if you own a basement, for the purpose of seeing if a joint is open. However, if a joint inside a wall has fallen loose, you won’t be able to find it and will need to call a professional.

We really feel that our customers should be availing good services in order to satisfy them. Therefore, our team of is determined to help you in Repairing Your Air Conditioners in Dallas and make our best impression.


How to Clean the Dirty Coils?

Two kinds of coils are present in an air conditioning unit, condenser coils being the first one, and are located in the outer part of compressor. While the other type is evaporator coils, which are enclosed inside the blower in the traditional Air Conditioner. Cold air production will suffer if these coils are filled with dirt which badly needs to be cleaned in order for it to work properly and start cooling again.

If you are thinking of cleaning the coils by yourself, you just need to Shut the power off on the breaker panel for both the external and internal modules. Both of them will be on different breakers. In order to remove the external compressor cage, follow the instructions given by the manufacturing company.

Spray a non-flushable coil cleaner on the coils, to disinfect the inner coils. This cleaner mainly foams up in order to remove the dirt. On the other hand, you need to spray a coil cleaner on the coils and the thin metal fins as well that are covering them in order to disinfect the outside coils. This cleaner is distinct from the coil cleaner used for the evaporator and the hose would need to be rinsed. Don’t forget to follow the instructions carefully.

Our team of professionals has the best experience of Repairing the Air Conditioners in Dallas that makes your AC to work effectively and we make sure that it is done according to the specifications given by you. We believe that the effective working of your Air Conditioner will help you dominate your problems and it’ll surely be a worthy experience.


How to Repair a Central Air Conditioner?

The majority of central air conditioners are mainly linked to the forced-air supply system of a home. The hot air present inside the house flows to the heating system with the help of return-air duct while a central air conditioner is working. The hot air is pushed through the coils of evaporator that are mainly cooled. After that, it is delivered for the purpose of cooling the house with the help of ducts. When this central air conditioner starts working and the house doesn’t cool down after a small period of time, you must realize that there is a problem with the distribution system.


It seals both the essential parts of a Central Air Conditioner, evaporator and the condenser. For any kind of maintenance other than regular cleaning, you should be calling for by a competent and professional individual who can cope with these severe issues. Before the beginning of a summer each year, central air conditioners must be professionally tested and modified. But you must not let the maintenance process stop despite this annual checkup. Even though you cannot make your device to go through a number of repairs, there are clear maintenance procedures that you need to follow in order to keep your device running at peak performance.

Even though a lot of people feel are shy of calling a professional because of the cost, our team of experts helps our customers to Repair their Air Conditioners in Dallas that will help their device work efficiently.


 Troubleshooting the Central Air Conditioner

You really need to provide your Air Conditioner with professional maintenance, but there are several minor issues that you can easily repair yourself. If the central air conditioning device does not function correctly, just take a look at the problem given on this chart that you are experiencing and see if you can cope with it.

Central Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Chart

If you’re having a problem with your Central Air Conditioner and you’re wondering How to repair your Air Conditioner. Nowadays, Troubleshooting the Central Air Conditioners isn’t quite difficult. You’re given the possible cause and solution of the problem and you can troubleshoot with the central air conditioner.




Problem      Possible cause                Solution 
isn’t working
1. Power is shut off. 1. Check for all the fuses or
circuit breakers that are atprimary entrance plate or atsome other entrance plate.
  2. Thermostat setting
is either too high orlow.

2. Thermostat setting should

be as low as 5°.


3. There is an issue

With the Motor.

3. Hire a professional to

cope with it.


4. There is an issue

With the Compressor.

4. Hire a professional to

cope with it.

Unequal cooling

 1. Distribution system

may be imbalanced.

1.      Install a Balance system

To fix this issue.

1. Thermostat setting
is too high.

1. Thermostat setting should

be as low as 5°.


2. Evaporator is unclean

or dirt-filled.

2.  Remove the dirt

from evaporator.

  3. Unit too small.

3. Install a larger unit by

yourself or hire a professional

to cope with it.

Unit doesn’t


1. Thermostat setting
is too high

1. Thermostat setting should

be as low as 5°.


2. Condenser is unclean

or dirt-filled.

2. Clean all the coils of Condenser

and fins; and straighten the fins

as well if required.


3. Condenser unit may be


3. Remove the debris or dirt that

is blocking the condenser unit;

also cut down the weeds, grass,

and vines.


4. Evaporator is unclean

or dirt-filled.

4. Clean evaporator.

5. There is an issue

With the Compressor.

5. Hire a professional to

cope with it.



6. Refrigerant isn’t in the

required amount.

6. Hire a professional to

cope with it.

Condenser unit
turns on and
off repeatedly 

1. Condenser is unclean

or dirt-filled.
2. Condenser unit
may be blocked.

1. Clean all the coils of condenser

and fins as well.

2. Remove the debris or dirt that

is blocking the condenser unit.

also cut down the weeds, grass,

and vines.


3. Evaporator is unclean

or dirt-filled.

3. Clean the evaporator.


How to Repair Car Air Conditioner?

In the heart of the evaporator of a car’s air conditioner, mold or dirt may be collected from the moisture that tends to occur during the process of cooling. Air will surely have trouble in flowing when this happens. If you are wondering on How to repair a Car’s Air Conditioner, you need to take a closer look at the hose to see if it has come loose. Usually, this occurs with the hose that provides the blower device with air. The ventilation fan is freezing. If the fan does not blow, the air will not circulate very well.

Don’t forget to check the Seals. The seals here aren’t those present at the pier down there. All kinds of seals present in an evaporator can open up and decrease the flow of air. Ventilation devices for Air Conditioners are very fragile and must stay sealed. The entire system is co-operated in case if they’re opened.

If the air conditioner of your car gets warm after being a bit cold, there may be a number of reasons for that.

  • A leakage resulting from a failed part of the Air Conditioner
  • An obstruction or blockage of tube or a hose for refrigerants
  • Failure of Compressor or any of its parts
  • Failure of Motor or any of its parts
  • Failure of Condenser, evaporator, their coils or any other parts
  • Leakage occurred due to Vacuum
  • Failure of any kind of switch, or solenoid mixing door.

Any kind of leakage may prove to be catastrophic. You are having an “open system” if your Air Conditioning system starts to develop a leak. Whether you or the person you hired detects the leak in its early stages, the repair won’t be much costly. Sadly, if the cold air from the Air Conditioning system has been compromised by a leak for a while, moisture would most likely have reached your A/C system and could have damaged other essential and costly components.

How to Detect a Leak in Air Conditioners?

Dyes allowed for black light. You’ve heard it correctly. There are several refrigerants that are pre-mixed with a special type of Ultraviolet light and it is the colorant that occurs under particular circumstances i.e. black light. In order to see if a dye appears, just run the same light over your Air Conditioning system. Moreover, Put in the ‘sniffer’ as well. A sniffer is considered to be a special instrument that enhances the efficiency of chemical components of the refrigerant. This sniffer has the ability to tell us if there’s a leak.

How to Repair Window Air Conditioner?

A few signs can categorize most issues with window air conditioning units: they do not provide enough cooling, they never turn on even if you try hard, or they keep making noise. It may be appropriate to replace the refrigerant of a window air conditioning unit that doesn’t provide cooling, but there are very fine chances that it just needs to be washed. The first step in this process of cleaning or fixing the air conditioner would be to dismantle it, but partially not totally.

You must be able to do all these things by yourself, or you may hire a specialist to repair your air conditioner. Don’t forget to consult manual instructions about your air conditioner before trying to cope with it by yourself just to ensure you have the necessary skills and resources to tackle the task.

What if Your Air Conditioner Makes a Noise?

The problem may be lying in the fact that your air conditioner doesn’t have the most effective bearings, something that is better done by a professional, if your air conditioner makes too much noise. On the other side, with simple lubrication, you might be able to fix the problem.

Air Conditioner Repair Near Me!

If you own an air conditioner and there is a problem you’re facing with it, you are welcomed to hire us. We have a bunch of professionals who are expert when it comes to the Repairing of Air Conditioners in Dallas. We use a number of techniques and tools to tackle with Air Conditioners in Dallas according to your needs and we assure you that our work will be satisfactory and up to the mark.