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Your HVAC system is an important part of your family's comfort. When it's not working, you suffer. That's why friends and families in Highland Park need someone they can count on to deliver reliable heating and cooling services. Whether you have a problem with your air conditioner or heating system or simply want to ensure that they're well maintained to serve you well, our team of experienced HVAC pros who can help. We are a trustworthy local HVAC company who can help with all of your heating and cooling service needs.

For your convenience, we offer the following services:

  • AC repair.
  • AC installation.
  • AC maintenance.
  • Duct cleaning.
  • Furnace repair.
  • Furnace replacement.
  • Furnace maintenance.

Your Go-To HVAC Service: Expertise and Trustworthiness

Over the years, our local HVAC repair company has accumulated a wealth of experience in handling a variety of brands and their custom systems. Our skilled technicians have worked extensively with top brands, such as Daikin, Goodman, Lennox, Rheem, and Ruud. This wide-ranging experience has enabled our team to hone diverse repair methods and maintenance strategies, ensuring they can expertly address any challenge, regardless of the brand or model of your system.

Partnering with a reliable company like Dallas Heating and Air Conditioning is crucial for maintaining your HVAC system’s effectiveness and extending its lifespan. Our team’s comprehensive knowledge of various brands ensures that we can tackle any issue that may present itself. Furthermore, our focus on providing exceptional professionalism and customer service demonstrates our trustworthiness, supplying you with dependable, best-practice solutions that instill confidence in our services.

list of HVAC brands we service

Popular HVAC Services in Highland Park

AC Repair

During the relentless onslaught of a Texas summer, a working air conditioning system is an indispensable comfort. When trouble arises and your AC unit malfunctions, it's vital to have a trustworthy air conditioning repair service that acknowledges the pressing nature of the problem. Dallas Heating and Air Conditioning is the reliable team you can lean on during these difficult moments. Our proficient technicians are committed to providing swift, first-rate service, liberating you and your family from the intense heat and converting your Highland Park home back into a cool, calming sanctuary. With a comprehensive knowledge of various brands and models, we'll work diligently to resuscitate your AC system and recover your peace of mind.

At Dallas Heating and Air Conditioning, we regard ourselves as more than just technicians; we are your steadfast allies when an AC emergency unfolds. When the scorching Texas heat looms, threatening to turn your home in Highland Park into a stifling hothouse, our affable and professional team will be there to reestablish balance and security. We'll not only diagnose and rectify the issue but also do so with unwavering authenticity and transparency, fostering a bond of trust that outlasts a single service call. In times of need, choose Dallas Heating and Air Conditioning - the air conditioning repair service that truly understands the stakes and is wholeheartedly dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction and safety.

AC Replacement

If your air conditioning unit has been breaking down frequently and frequently is in need or repairs, you need an experienced technician to evaluate next steps. It's quite possible the unit needs to be replaced.

Today's HVAC units are much more efficient than previous models. The minimum SEER rating in Texas is 14, and some of the most efficient units are as high as 26. We provide you with a variety of options to to work within your budget.

New AC Installation

When it's time to install a new air conditioning system, you need an AC installation and contractor you can trust to ensure everything goes as planned.

AC installation is no small job, and you can't afford to deal with the consequences of an improper installation, especially in the Texas heat. That means having an experienced professional handle your air conditioning installation is crucial to getting the job done right.

Heating Maintenance

A faulty heater can put you and your family at risk. When the furnace has combustion problems, it can increase the amount of carbon monoxide coming from the unit. Also, trapped dust can affect your indoor air quality.

We know that the key to a long-lasting and top performing heater is regular maintenance. You could also save money on energy bills and avoid costly emergency repair services. The coils, blower, motor and filters should be cleaned on a regular basis.

What to Expect When You Make Your Appointment

Now that you've made the decision to call us, here's what you can expect:

  1. We make an appointment that is convenient for you.
  2. We will give you a window of time when to expect the technician.
  3. About one hour before your appointment, the technician will call to confirm.
  4. When the technician is on his way, he'll call you with about 30 minutes of notice.
  5. Our technicians will be driving a branded truck and branded clothing, so you'll know it's us.
  6. If we need to come into your home, the technician will wear protective booties over their work boots.
  7. We will always be respectful of your time and home, including cleaning up after we complete the work.
  8. After the job is complete, we'll call you to check to make sure everything is done to your satisfaction.

Affordable HVAC Company in Highland Park - What Does It Cost?

The price of the job will obviously depend on what's needed, if it's a simple repair or you need to replace the entire system.

  • We will give you a fixed price quote for any work needed, which you'll authorize before we start any work.
  • Our prices are fair and inline with all other HVAC companies around Highland Park.
  • Do not be fooled if another company gives you a really low price, because price is normally reflective of quality, and you may need repairs sooner than expected. Like the late great Zig Ziglar would say, "Are you concerned about the price or the cost?"
  • We stand behind our work and provide an industry leading warranty that is hard to beat. We want you to refer us to your friends, so we want to exceed your expectations.
  • We also offer financing, often at 0%, so you can pay for the cost of the work over a longer timeframe, making it more affordable.

What Your Neighbors Say About Us

5 stars

Dallas Heating and AC are excellent. They always have someone answer the phones, they are quick to come out and repair, and reasonable rates. We use them on all our properties.

William K.

Luis came out and was very professional and knowledgeable. They offered me financing and I also signed up for their no contract service maintenance program! Definitely refer this company

Crystal T.

Dallas Heating and Air Conditioning did what 3 other companies couldn’t, didn’t give up and went the extra mile, at the same time didn’t over charge me. It was more than necessary to share my experience with the rest of the world,

Ashley W.

Josh and Skyler were amazing, they communicated everything they were doing, very thorough and respectful. Will definitely be using Dallas Heating and AC again!!!

Lauryn W.

These guys did a fantastic job all around! They were quick to respond, provided a competitive estimate, and got the work done efficiently. They replaced my over the tub ac unit and the outside condenser and fixed many issues with the previous setup.

Anthony S.

Luis came out and did a fabulous job! We notice our AC wasn’t blowing cold like it should be and he came out, add Freon to our system and it was back running great again! I will be using DHAC for all my needs from now on!

Kayla S.

Highland Park

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  • Turtle Creek
  • Hackberry Creek
  • Old Highland Park
  • Mount Vernon
  • West Park West of Preston
  • Preston Place
  • West Highland Park


  • Southern Methodist University which is on Dallas.
  • James M. Collins Executive Education Center which is on 3150 Binkley Avenue, Dallas.
  • SMU Dedman School of Law which is on 3315 Daniel Avenue, Dallas.
  • Hughes-Trigg Student Center which is on 3140 Dyer Street, Dallas.


  • Gerald J. Ford Stadium which is on 5800 Ownby Drive, Dallas.
  • Moody Coliseum which is on 6024 Airline Road, Dallas.
  • Turpin Stadium which is on 5220 East Mockingbird Lane, Dallas.
  • Washburne Stadium which is on 2929 Daniel Avenue, Dallas.

Secondary Schools

  • McCulloch Intermediate School which is on 3555 Granada Avenue, Dallas.


  • George W. Bush Presidential Center which is on 2943 SMU Boulevard, Dallas.
  • Lakeside Park which is on 4601 Lakeside Drive, Dallas.
  • Glencoe Park which is on 3700 Glencoe Street, Dallas.
  • Park Cities Historic & Preservation which is on 5025 North Central Expressway, Dallas.
  • Teddy Bear Statues in Lakeside Park which is on 4585-4657 Lakeside Drive, Dallas.
  • Native Texas Park which is on 2943 SMU Boulevard, Dallas.
  • Prather Park which is on Dallas.
  • Abbott Park which is on 4814 Abbott Avenue, Dallas.


  • George W. Bush Presidential Center which is on 2943 SMU Boulevard, Dallas.
  • Meadows Museum which is on 5900 Bishop Boulevard, Dallas.
  • Love Statue by Indiana Jones which is on Dallas.
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