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You need a reliable company to get your system back up and running to keep your home and family warm all winter long. Call the local reliable top-rated pros at Dallas Heating and Air Conditioning today.

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North Texas winters can be brutal, and you're tired of shivering in your home. Don't suffer through the cold winter without a properly functioning heating system. We offer a top-rated heating repair services across the Dallas metroplex. With over 16 years of experience, our team of certified technicians will quickly diagnose and repair any heating issue you may be having. Don't let a broken heating system ruin your winter, so contact us today and schedule your heating repair service. We'll send one of our licensed technicians out to your home as soon as possible. Start enjoying the warmth and comfort of your home again. Don't wait, call now!

At Dallas Heating and Air Conditioning, we understand that choosing a heating repair company can be a difficult decision. After all, you're trusting the comfort and safety of your home to a stranger. We strive to earn your trust every step of the way. We are a fully licensed and insured heating repair company, and our technicians are certified and extensively trained in the latest heating repair techniques and systems. We offer competitive pricing and a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our services. When you choose Dallas Heating and Air Conditioning, you can trust that you're getting the best service and value in the Dallas area

Here is what you can expect from Dallas Heating and Air Conditioning when we arrive to check out your heating system.

  • Diagnose and explain the repairs needed.
  • Clean, friendly technicians.
  • All charges and fees explained upfront.
  • Arrive with stocked trucks ready for most repairs.
  • Fully licensed and insured.

  • Prompt timely service.

  • No stress high pressure sales.

  • Solutions to your heating and furnace issues.

  • Drug and smoke-free technicians.
  • Repair and service of ALL major brands.

Why Did My Furnace Stop Working?

A home's heating system is essential for a comfortable living space. If it stops working, it can be frustrating and inconvenient, perhaps even life threatening. There's many reasons why a home's heating system may stop working, including: problems with the furnace, broken thermostat, or dislodged or broken ductwork. A reputable local HVAC company can help diagnose the issue and provide the necessary repairs to get your heating system back up and running quickly. Trusting a professional HVAC company like Dallas Heating and Air Conditioning with your home's heating system ensures that the problem will be properly addressed and resolved quickly and efficiently.

Common Reasons Why Your Heating Stopped Working

  • Bad wiring
  • Poor maintenance

  • Dirty or clogged air filter

  • Blower capacitor failed

  • Refrigerant levels too low (heat pumps)

  • Faulty ductwork

  • Electrical issues

  • Gas supply issues

  • Malfunctioning ignition or pilot light

  • Defective thermostat

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Dallas Heating and AC are excellent. They always have someone answer the phones, they are quick to come out and repair, and reasonable rates. We use them on all our properties.

William K.

Luis came out and was very professional and knowledgeable. They offered me financing and I also signed up for their no contract service maintenance program! Definitely refer this company

Crystal T.

Dallas Heating and Air Conditioning did what 3 other companies couldn't, didn't give up and went the extra mile, at the same time didn't over charge me. It was more than necessary to share my experience with the rest of the world,

Ashley W.

Josh and Skyler were amazing, they communicated everything they were doing, very thorough and respectful. Will definitely be using Dallas Heating and AC again!!!

Lauryn W.

These guys did a fantastic job all around! They were quick to respond, provided a competitive estimate, and got the work done efficiently. They replaced my over the tub ac unit and the outside condenser and fixed many issues with the previous setup.

Anthony S.

Luis came out and did a fabulous job! We notice our AC wasn't blowing cold like it should be and he came out, add Freon to our system and it was back running great again! I will be using DHAC for all my needs from now on!

Kayla S.

Repairing Your Heating System

As soon as you realize that something is amiss with your furnace, call us 24x7. We will show up on time, ready to get everything repaired as quickly as we can so that you can get back on with your life. We will not leave your property until we are sure everything is fixed and working correctly again.

Furnace Repair FAQs

The first time your furnace runs during the winter, as it burns off a small amount of dust inside the system, it may create a burning smell. It should stop after a few hours of running. However, if that smell continues past the first few hours of operation, it may be caused by these issues:

  • Dirty air filters. When air filters are filled with dirt, odors often linger. Dirty filters can also allow contaminants back into the system, causing the smell to persist. If this is the reason for the smell, replacing the filter will fix the issue.
  • Old, overheated motor. When a furnace's motor overheats, it can generate a burning smell. Quite often, overheating is caused by airflow restriction, so check to see if the air filter is blocked or dirty. Worn motor bearings are another reason why the system overheats. If you can hear a squealing or grinding noise, bearings could be at fault. Turn off your furnace and call us right away.
  • Wiring issues. If there is a problem with the furnace's internal wiring, the wire insulation can burn or melt, generating a burnt plastic smell. If this is the case, turn the heating system off and call us right away.
We recommend changing out your filter once a month. When your system is running for most of the day during cold winter days and nights, dust, pet dander etc will clog up the filter and reduce the efficiency of the system.
Depending on your system, it should be serviced a minimum of once a year. We suggest scheduling a consultation with your local furnace service company that has respected industry certifications. Based on the age, size and usage of your system, a quality service provider can tailor a service plan to meet your budget requirements and keep your system running reliably for years to come.

A furnace typically runs in cycles of 10-15 minutes to warm up your home. "Short cycling" is when the furnace turns off after just a few minutes, and the house hasn't reach the desired temperature. Here's a few reasons:

  • Poor airflow. When air filters are very dirty, airflow is restricted which can stress your furnace or air handler. The systems can overheat, and the safety switch trips. Replacing a dirty air filter is quick and inexpensive.
  • Blocked flue pipe. The flue pipe vents routes fumes from your furnace to the outside, but if it becomes clogged, your system will turn off to prevent CO2 from getting into your home. They should be kept clear at all times. It's a good idea to install a carbon monoxide detector in your home.
  • Thermostat problems. An old or broken thermostat can develop problems. It should be cleaned, recalibrated or just replaced.
  • Faulty flame sensor. Inside the furnace, there is a flame sensor which detects if a flame is present. If no flame is present, the system shuts down to prevent gas leaks. If these sensors are dirty or malfunction, they may shut down the system early for safety.

When a furnace runs, it should make a gentle, blowing noise, but nothing irregular like squeaks or squeals. Here are some potential causes of an abnormally noisy system:

  • Loose panels. If your system has access panels that have popped out of place due to a missing screw or improper replacement, it could cause the entire system to rattle slightly as it moves.
  • Motor bearing issues. Motor bearings can create a grinding noise if they are not well lubricated. Bearings should be oiled every  few year to prevent wearing out.
  • Fan belt squeaking. A belt inside the system connects the fan and motor. An old worn or loose belt can cause a squealing noise, and should probably be replaced or adjusted by an HVAC professional.

If your system is blowing cool air instead of warm air, the thermostat is set to heat, and the system is running, it might be caused by one of these issues.

  • Gas valve is off or blocked. A closed gas line prevents gas from moving into the ignition system properly, so it doesn't receive fuel for combustion. While the blower system may continue to run, the air that comes from your vents will feel cool. Check your gas valve to ensure that it is in the in the appropriate position. Open valves run in line with the pipe, and closed valves are perpendicular to the line. If the valve is stuck in the off position, it may need to be professionally replaced.
  • Incorrect blower fan settings. Your system may also blow cool air if the blower motor is set to the “ON” position instead of the “AUTO” setting. When the blower fan is set to “ON,” the heating system continues to circulate air, but only starts a heating cycle when the thermostat temperature dips to the setpoint. Keep your thermostat setting on “AUTO” to avoid this problem.
  • Malfunctioning ignition. Like your vehicle, your furnace will not start if the ignition isn't working. Ignition sparks the flame and initiates the heating process, but if your pilot light isn't working or the inner components of the ignitor are damaged, your furnace won't be able to generate heat.
  • Large duct leaks. If your ductwork is damaged, heated air can leak into the surrounding spaces, and cold, untreated air can enter the lines. While the furnace may run, enough heated air may not make it to rooms and the system could push cold air into your spaces instead. Large duct leaks can cause drastic heat loss and higher energy bills. Inspect visible ventilation lines for damage and ask a professional to conduct a duct leakage analysis if the problem persists.
  • Clogs in the condensate line. High efficiency condensing furnaces create condensation from combustion gases. If condensate drain lines become clogged, they could cause the system's pressure switch to open, which could keep your furnace from starting. While this problem may be intermittent, check your drainage pans and drain lines if your system is blowing cold air. If you see a buildup of fluid, check the opening of the tube for clogs and clear it.
  • Dirty air filter. Furnace filters need to be clean to filter air appropriately. Dirty or clogged filters impede airflow, naturally reducing the amount of heated air propelled through ducts into your home. Check your HVAC filters every month, and replace them when they are dirty or as recommended by the manufacturer.
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