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Dallas Heating and Air Conditioning has been servicing the Dallas to ensure the highest level of comfort in your home or business. We are experienced in installation, service, repair, maintenance, and more in Air Conditioning (A/C), heaters and heat pumps. We offer free estimates, prefer flat-rate billing at competitive prices, and a customer satisfaction guarantee.



Our Expertise in AC Repair Service

Highly skilled technicians will provide quality workmanship for Residential, multi-family, or commercial. 

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality service in Dallas. Customer referral is our business strategy and their satisfaction is our #1 priority. When your AC is not working, we are always ready to support in Dallas and surrounding areas.

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Exceptional air conditioner repair Dallas, TX  residents rely on

Expert AC Service Provider in Dallas.

Heating Installation and Air Conditioning Repair.

Repair or Furnace Installation. Our HVAC technicians are trained to handle all heating repairs and furnace installation.

Repair and AC Installation. We ensure fast and reliable air conditioning repairs or new system installation ( for cooking and heating system) in Dallas and surrounding areas.

Maintenance of Air Conditioner & Furnace System with onceptual estimate and planning, all the way through construction.



How We Work

Looking for HVAC Services in Dallas.

Being a professional service provider, Dallas Heading & Air Conditioning Services are always ready to assist, when you are AC filters are clogged with dirt, hair, dust, and other debris. The airflow through the vents in your home may be reduced. In turn, it decreases the efficiency of your air conditioning system. When there is weak airflow in multiple vents which mostly caused the problem with blower issues or air duct problems.  In such like situation, we are available to provide residential and commercial HVAC services as well as commercial HVAC services. Being a well-known company for Air conditioning repair in Dallas, we will help to clean the outdoor condenser unit. To keep the vents unclogged, we do the vacuum indoor vents and insulate any exposed ductwork and more to do flawless air blowing from your AC.

What can cause your AC to stop working in Dallas?

The number of people experiencing air conditioning problems. There are some additional causes of AC failure you might not have thought to check:

Improper ventilation

The malfunctioning of either of the air-conditioner’s fans would likely result in poor airflow and lower performance. Therefore, it is advised to take proper care of the fans and avoid the compressor failure problem. Indeed professionals from Dallas heating and air conditioning are always on standby for emergency services.


The evaporator coils are frozen

To absorb the heat present in the air, the evaporator coil is designed. If, by any chance, this coil freezes, typically due to low cooling charges or dirty coils, the air conditioner has chances to HVAC malfunction and possibly collapse. It requires consultation when there is an issue like for air conditioning repair service in Dallas.

Using the old thermostats

Maybe the air conditioning device won’t get the right commands from the control system if the thermostat is aged and outdated. You might have consultation with a technician from Dallas heating and air conditioning services. The thermostat parameters can be inappropriate when using a modern programmable thermostat. Hence, the old thermostat settings should be checked and replaced to fix the air conditioning issue.

Leakage in the ductwork

Centralized AC systems are installed with mounted ducts in the walls that circulate cooling air throughout the house. Should these pipes be broken, your air-cooled can leak inside your wall, which will decrease your device’s performance. Being a well-known company for Air conditioning repair in Dallas, we always recommend free consultation.

Reliable Partner for Heating & Air Conditioning Issues in Dallas.

With the summers approaching, no one will like to hear about their air conditioner breaking down and bear the harshness of the weather. You must look for any deterioration signs to prevent the air-conditioners from getting into the worst scenarios and keep them working in an immaculate condition.

Be sure that your unit is serviced regularly by air conditioning and heating service experts because you wish to keep the air-conditioner in excellent working conditions. However, if you still face any problems, and as an air conditioning repair service provider in Dallas, you can contact us i.e. Dallas Heating & AC. Fortunately, we provide you with skilled and highly trained technicians who will happily keep the air conditioner systems running well throughout the year. If you still need to know anything about, “Why did your AC stop working?” Feel free to reach us.


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