When is a Good Time to Get my AC Serviced?

ac duct wall blows cool air

Around the DFW metroplex, barely a month goes by when we don't use our air conditioners - even in the "winter" season where we can have an ice storm one week, then two weeks later it's into the 80's! With the chance we'll need to use our AC pretty soon, regular maintenance for air conditioning systems in homes more essential than ever. It's very important to schedule a maintenance tune-up and inspection each year with our technicians.

When should you schedule your air conditioning maintenance in Dallas, TX? It's just before it starts getting hot - early spring / April time frame. Our weather heats up fast once the warmer season starts. So the best time for maintenance is right now!

We're not looking to push you, but we do recommend scheduling your maintenance early in the season because it will benefit you more. You'll have an easier time getting on our calendar at a convenient time, and you'll avoid the first day of intense searing heat, when your AC is most needed.

Every year, routine maintenance is required.

This is something that a lot of people get wrong. They believe that maintaining an air conditioner is a once-in-a-while big expense rather than something that must be done every year. However, all HVAC specialists agree that it should be done once a year, with spring being the optimal time.

What is the significance of maintenance? Here's what might happen if your air conditioner isn't serviced on a regular basis.

Warranty Voided

Part of the air conditioning system's equipment warranty says that it must be maintained on a regular basis or the guarantee will be voided. This can result in a customer having to pay a significant amount of money for repairs that would have been covered under the warranty.

More Repairs Down the Road

Maintenance neglect accounts for more than half of the repairs required by an air conditioning system over its lifetime. A homeowner can avoid more than half of future repairs just by keeping up with maintenance—a significant savings that is also far more convenient.

Early Failure

An air conditioner's estimated service life includes annual maintenance. If you don't keep up with your maintenance, your life expectancy will begin to dwindle. After only 7 years, an air conditioner that was supposed to last 15 years may need to be replaced, which is a costly "repair."

Loss of energy efficiency

An air conditioner's energy efficiency rating means nothing if it isn't professionally maintained every year. It will lose roughly 5% of its efficiency each year on average. Over the course of its service life, it will lose 5% of its efficiency due to maintenance. The cost of running an air conditioner can be drastically different as a result of this.

Break Down on a Hot Day

No one wants their air conditioner to go down in the height of summer. However, without maintenance, this becomes a much more likely scenario. Consider maintenance as a preventative measure against a cooling emergency. One of the highest benefits is having peace of mind!

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