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With the change in weather and scorching Summer Sun around the corner, everyone tries to retain the air-conditioner device in high condition. But what if, just before the summer starts, you realize that the AC does not cool your home as it used to do before? Now, you must be wondering that what could break down your AC unit? Why has the AC stopped working? Worry not, we have got the responses to your such queries.


As the hottest months of the year are approaching, many people have started facing air-conditioning issues. And this number is sky-rocketing. You’re in luck if you happen to be one of them! Try to fix all such problems through the finest AC repair firm in Dallas that is sure to take care of any AC problems you might have and let you know about the most frequent causes of AC failures and how to avoid them. For getting more insights, keep reading.

The regular service of AC is always advised. It is because if the device is serviced as quickly as possible, the majority of common AC problems can be solved. Don’t wait to have the AC repaired or serviced until something seems incorrect. You may want to know why your AC is not up to the mark and not working properly if you are facing such an unfortunate situation.


Filters are clogged

Clogged filters are one of the most important causes of lower air conditioning quality. Ensure that the filters are removed and replaced at least once a month if you have a central AC unit at your place. It is done to ensure a smooth system operation. On the contrary, the AC would not be able to cool the house successfully if the filters are dirty. It could further lead to the freezing of the evaporator.


Problems with the cooling refrigerants

AC’s efficiency is considered optimum if the coolant charge is not filled or overflowing but adhere to the requirements of the AC manufacturer. You might have low refrigerants if you realize that AC is not cooling properly. Another concern may be that the AC might have a leak. Employ a professional technical officer to verify the refrigerant level of the AC device and repair potential outages.


The outside unit is all messed up

Your machine would have trouble absorbing heat if the condenser is filthy or covered by waste or plants. Hot air in the house is absorbed and sent to the external device. Debris makes it much more difficult for the air conditioner device to cool the house. It raises the burden on the system and can cause higher energy costs.


The circuit breaker is tripped

One of the other reason that might come into your mind when thinking why the AC stopped is that maybe you have got a tripped breaker or a burnt out fuse. In that case, call an expert electrician and have the breaker checked.


The starting components are acting weird

Most ACs need a pair of capacitors to start the conditioner and keep it working in an excellent manner. If any of these capacitors start acting weird, the chances are that the air-conditioner will stop working.

I need to fix the issues – But how

It is advised not to deal with the air conditioning problems on your own as you are not well trained and may end up with more serious issues. We will teach you how to keep proper care of the AC systems. The following are some ways in which loss causes can be prevented.


Regular maintenance of the AC

The first and foremost requirement is the good maintenance of the air-conditioners to avoid air-conditioning problems. Have your AC systems serviced by certified HVAC technicians regularly.


Save the outdoor unit

Be sure to clean all leaves, garbage, or other kinds of scrap from your outdoor machine to avoid fan or evaporator spray failures.


Use an up to date thermostat

Purchase a programmable thermostat and learn how to use it correctly to conserve electricity and prevent older thermostat problems.


Secure the ductwork

Get the ductwork checked by the specialists for any cracks or other signs of harm if you observe a sudden increase in your electricity bills.


Use excellent equipment

One other method of solving the issues with the malfunctioning air conditioner is to use excellent equipment. It is advised to regularly check for the wear out cables, capacitors and other equipment that come with the AC to prevent the air conditioner from stop working.